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my new favorite things

floral jeans, topshop

lace dress, dixi (no longer on sale)

cute lace-ish dress, dixi

floral lace overlay dress, dixi

I am feeding my obsessions. Probably not that great of an idea, but I just can't help it! I'm in love with those jeans, I see them on people's looks all the time and I fall for them every time, me want. The lace dress was part of a give-away on cocorosa so I think that's why it's no longer in stock, I adore it but I don't know where I could wear it. Next dress, it's vintage, it's slightly lace, it's pretty: it's, perfect. And finally the lace overlay dress, it's a combination of both my favorites and its perty!!! Overall, this is what I would love to base my wardrobe on (and everything else on Dixi and Topshop). Ciao!

EDIT: The picture-makey-biggy thing didn't work this time because it wasn't saved on Picasa, sawry!

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