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as i moseyed along in surban square while waiting for my dad to buy our lunch i looked over and on the table were two magazines. i went over and checked them out and flipped through really quickly to see if i knew what they were. i didn't so off i went with no magazines but once i had walked for roughly a minute i thought that i really should go and pick these up because they might be cool. so i ran back to get these off the table, and when i came back my dad said that they were a new york times magazine, which of course i didn't notice because i am incapable of reading the six words on the top right of both magazines ("the new york times style magazine"). when i got back home i started flipping and also reading the covers. the one on the right is actress rebecca hall and its the women's fashion summer 2010 issue. the one on the left is actress julianne moore and its the women's fashion spring 2010 issue. i have heard of neither of these actresses (is that bad?). i then came across this picture:

these kinds of pictures (the eye painted on the eye) are some of the best things to look at, in my opinion. i don't know why but whenever i see these i stare at them forever. this is not my favorite one though, this is: anime eyes. and i like just flipping my brain from seeing the painted eye to seeing the real one.

remember these shorts (right)? well i do, and i found them again, and i was quite proud when i could say "look, alexander wang shorts" without reading the thing below (this happened three times while looking through these [burbery][miu miu] and []). and guess what? this picture showed the price! and guess what again? i cant afford them. why? because they are $725, i am very dissapointed.

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  1. great images. I must try and get my hands of them.