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photo above from cocorosa

inspiration? yes! these are the tights from cocorosa i was talking about before, here is the post
i was going to make a pair of DIY tights today (not these) but i decided that i should probably do my homework instead, SO I DID!

***carribean pics are still at my dads office***

so lately ive been randomly thinking about what i want to DO in my life and here is what i came up with:

1) be a trendforcaster: chantal (above) is one and from what ive read it seems like a lot of fun, and it has kindof do to with fashion (i am temporarily out of my I WANT TO BE A DESIGNER phase, but! it will be back, just you wait)
2) write and publish a fantasy book: i have all these random ideas and stories about elves and dwarves and such, AND a fantasy writer came to my school today and i was really interested
3) win an oscar for a short film OR for costume design: i have this odd urge to win an oscar, and both seem like a lot of fun especially because theoretically i could do both in the first one
yeaa so thats it, i know its asking a lot but whatever

today's outfit: skirt: thrift (some random fake brand thingymaboober), belt: mom's closet, shoes: campbell (apparently it's a brand), vest: authentic hungarian, necklace: given to me as a gift from my grandma (nicknamed "big c" [me being "little c"])

oh and fun fact about this outift, my science teacher keeps lizards in his room and i was holding one of the, today (they are about ten inches long) and it crawled up to my vest and tried to eat it because it looked like the lettuce from his tank cage thing. i just thought that was funny. and also i was compared to harper on wizards of waverly place today... i partially took it as a compliment depending on which outfit they were talking about

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  1. hehe.. those tights were sooooo much work!! ah and you know that I actually did two studies, right? I have a degree in Graphic design and a degree in Fashion design, I think those two degrees combined landed me the trend forecaster job :) and I loveeee the idea of writing a fantasy book!! and do invite me if you ever win an oscar!! Love your outfit too!!