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quick post from the carribean

hey. i'm planning on making this DIY miu miu tights tutorial that i found on cocorosa. i actually can't wait, it seems like fun (to me at least). well anyway, i'm making this post via a cell phone-ish wi fi so i can't put pictures BUT, i got this formspring question:
WELL, it went away, it said like "have you seen the alexa chung show, i love her shoes". and i looked it up and went on her website and on BUT i can't find exactly what they're talking about.... yea, so i kind of need some help with this one, if you could, or if you know what they are talking about. i'm taking some outfit pictures when i'm down here so i'll post them when i get back and you all can see the ocean in the background. :) good bye!


  1. i was talking about when show was airing in like june,july.and when iwatched in june,july i liked the shoes she would wear. her show was on mtv at like u dont really have to stress over this question but thank u

  2. I'm still super confused... But okay? Haha