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claud magazine!

(meaning of MY moment)

i made this fake magazine thing for a school project and i picked some (ONLY SOME) of the blogs that i check everyday. at the moment cocorosa is my favorite (reason she made the cover on this particular day) because i am OBSESSED with chantal's DIY tights. but i love love love everyone elses too (my favorite changes almost every day). anni, ida, tavi. god i love them all, i realized that i pretend they are my friends when i go on their blog but then i noticed today that they probably don't know who i am... hmph.

ps.all of these blogs have been my favorite for a few days in the last month :)

i have sources telling me that people want to see my carribean outfits BUT my silly papa left ALL the pictures on his work computer, SO we will have to get that sorted out (wont we?). and before i forget, brooke (my friend from school) says hi!

my camera was out of battery so i was not able to take pics for my outfit today but it was floral shorts from uo, lace top also from uo, coach high tops from the sale rack at DSW, and my favorite accessory: my mom's black belt.

and! i have a dilemma and i need help. my pictures always show up really tiny when i post them, then i go to other people's blogs and they are humongous, and i just don't understand it! so if anyone can tell me why this happens i would really appreciate it, otherwise i'm going to have to harass my fellow bloggers with obnoxious emails ;)

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all photo's from: style rookie, style hurricane, the-filippa, beetle-bug (you are on this blog now), and


  1. this is so cute! :)

  2. Ohhhh you really really did a nice job!! I really love the collages and write-ups! :) makes me shy too haha :) and I love the other blogs you picked too!! <3 <3 <3