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oh no!

i'm really upset right now because my camera is broken! and i can't fix it because it's really old and no one has advice on how to. it keeps saying "card not initialized". does anyone know what initialized means? moving on, today i wore a shirt that i made over the summer, the one with the union jack on it. i wish i knew how to hem because it would most definitely work better. also i am still working on my shredded tee, it takes MUCH longer than you would expect. so thats the one alllll the way at the top. anyway, i want to take a photography class but i can't find a place that does them so i am having a problem with that. i got the new sims 3 expansion pack, high end loft, its okay but i don't think it was worth $20 bucks it gave my game some glitches. the stuff is cool that comes with it but there isn't much of it. well then, i guess that sums up today, i wasn't fed well enough so im starving, can't wait til breakfast. oh and sorry about my messy, ugly room background, im trying to get it redone. :)

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