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snow flakes on my eyelashes

hello, i have absolutely positively nothing to write about. well fruit machine still exists! it was such a relief, she just changed her website, i dont know if i told you that already. i got the march teen vogue, mia wasikowska (alice from alice in wonderland) is on the cover. i havent really read it ye but the clothes are cool. i made a bunch of slides of things i wanted but will never get (as you see above), i guess you should tell me what you think. i also want adobe photoshop but that wasn't clothes so i didn't put it on the slides. i hung out with jenna and kinsella today, we had milkshakes with fries, yumm. oh and good news, my dad let me borrow one of his cameras so now- when i have something worth showing you- i can take pictures again. apologies for the boring posts

right now: im listening to punk music and attempting to clean my room*.

*it will never get clean...

ps. it snowed today! yay!


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