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je veux ta revenge

hi. today was really boring for the most part. i went to fencing and fell a lot while my instructor laughed the whole time. ACTUALLY my favorite blog, fruit machine, is gone! and i have no idea why, the girl lives in estonia but her english was great and the blog was really fun to look through and now it doesn't exist. my first guess is that her mom didn't like it and made her delete it but otherwise there isn't really a good explanation because she looked like she loved to blog. well anyway i feel bad for all her followers (there were roughly 500) because it was really interesting. anywho, in the pictures my shirt and pants are from free people, the jacket is from my mom's closet, the shoes are from UO and god knows where the bracelets come from. i think i got them as gifts. well adios, invite your friends, feed your dog, and remember! never wake a sleeping dragon


  1. nice touch with the french!

  2. psh ya totally! i was gonna do the first line but then it sounded odd

  3. oh fruit machine hasn't dissappeared!! and it's really nice to see such a lovely persons out there, who really have interest for my blog. hugs and many kisses,