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now where's your picket fence, love?

hey. guess what?!? my school has a snowday tomorrow! this is a very very good thing because we alllll need a break. i'm hoping for a snowday on thursday as well, that would be the best because i really don't like thursdays at school. so my outfit for today is uber simple, white shirt, leather jacket, jeans, converse, necklace. but these converse arent just any converse, they are sale coach converse that are higher than regular ones. they are probably my favorite pair of shoes. today i am continually cleaning my room, which is a bit of an adventure because although my room looks clean there are a bunch of lit places where i cram stuff. my reason for cleaning is that maybe if i take care of my room A LOT my parents will get me some new furniture cuz i have little kid furniture still (you know, white wood, silly baskets everywhere). also today i decided to make a duct tape wallet, it's pretty cool but it took up sooo very much tape. i'm going to show it to you once i paint or decorate it because as of now its just a grey blob.
right now: still cleaning my room, trying to think of some music to listen to and finding a place for all the crap in my room.


  1. gorgeous sneekers, great blog, keep it up!:)

  2. yeah, your sneakers are so awesome, btw happy valentine's claudia!