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Hi! So far the last two days have been so much fun. Yesterday after school I went to the thrift shop and got two new shirts and a skirt, I may or may not show them to you later because I feel lazy right now. Then after that I went out for Chinese with the family (delicious) then I walked around the neighbourhood with a bunch of people from my school. Then today my mom took me to a consignment shop and I found out they have vintage stuff now!!! Mi madre got me a pair of shorts, a jacket and a dress. All vintage. All AMAZING! I was literally freaking out in the store. Like I said I'm feeling lazy so I'll show you them laterish. The first picture is my gorgeous au pair, Antonia, today she went to Urban Oufitters and someone took a picture of her because they liked her style. I'm guessing it's for someones street style blog but I really want to know who'se!!!!

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