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I went to Goodwill with Mimi and her mom today! It was probably the biggest thrift store I have ever seen. I think it was the size of one floor of a department store. We had to evacuate it a little bit after we got there because apparently there was a live grenade in the store (???). There wasn't. But we had left to go to another Goodwill and we couldn't find it so we went back to the original one (no grenade) and our cart was still there which was amazing. I got a bunch of stuff and I promise I'll show you everything I got this weekend in a post. Then Mimi went to Wendy's.

Skirt: Josephine Chaus, Shirt: Free People, Blouse: Theory, Shoes: Mudd


  1. I looved your outfit! And the pics are such nice!!
    Seems to have been so much fun!

    I wanna see the new clothes ^^

  2. Thanks! It was :D. Im starting to take pics of the clothes today so itll be posted today or tomorrow!

  3. Love the long dress! Looks like you had fun shopping.