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I'm not dead! I promise! Just busy! I was on StumbleUpon the other day (get one! they are soooo addicting!) and it took me to the Jen Kao Spring 2011 RTW collection. I've never heard of the designer (maybe I live under a rock....)(as far as I can tell I don't though) but I LOVE this. It's so flowy and beautiful and check out the shoes!!! I wouldn't mind a pair of those knee high sandals. My favorite part? The green pants and the green shorts, I would DIE for those!!!!

Today I totally rearrange my room (finally!), I really like it. I wish my walls were white though (they're kind of light purple). It's a total mess now, I'm gonna go clean it.... yay?


  1. this collection is soo beautiful!i love the colours that they used :)

  2. yees, I loved! and look those sandals OMG