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Awesome tumblr pics. I know, I've been a shittastic blogger! But I honestly never thought school could be so hard and have so much work. I stay up late every night finishing it and it's only freshman year! Ultimately schoolwork comes before blog so that's why I've been missing a lot of days and having crappy posts, there is just so much stuff to do! Especially with tennis practice until 5:45ish. Complaining to readers ends here! I'm all done.

I'm starting a digital photography class in two weeks. I'm so excited, I don't think it's comprehendable the excitement that wells up inside of me... Uh, no, joking. I only think that way, never write that way! Haha. But seriously, I'm excited. I can show you guys the pictures I take for it too. Other than that there's nothing new, oh, sorry for the lack of outfit posts (this doesn't mean I go naked)! The light is really awkward when I get home from tennis so I shall try to rethink my picture taking strategy. Ciao!


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