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Georgia May Jagger: LOVE HER! Especially her gap (in her teeth)! I want to use the word cute, but, it's not... People use cute to describe old people AND THEY ARE NOT!!!! I have nothing against old people but CUTE?!? to describe and old n!?!? LIKE WHAT?????? So if I call Georgia's gap cute, it would be like a teenage guy saying that Megan Fox is just "cute". The moral of this story is: I love Georgia May Jagger, that is not cute, but some other form of the word cute that fits a (insert age here) year old model.

Another lesson I learned from this post: When pictures aren't normal sizes, they are really hard to resize without become all gross. I spent so long on trying to get this right, and its still not. GRRR!!!!

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  1. I love her!! She's so naturally beautiful.