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Sushi Cat: Click on the link, I dare you! While doing my usual stalking of StumbleUpon (read: procrastinating on StumbleUpon), I came across this game. You drop a round cute cat. Into little Chinese (yes, I know, sushi is not Chinese). But the catch! You have to collect sushi by dropping the cat onto the sushi that is in between the dropping area and the take out boxes. CAN YOU THINK OF ANYTHING BETTER THAN THAT?!?!?! NO! You can't. Neither can I.

Nylon Magazine: I would like to start of by saying DO YOU SEE WHAT SHE IS WEARING? It's so random, but it is perfect and amazing and pretty and I. Want. It. This happens to be my first Nylon, I carry it EVERYWHERE (everywhere... not kidding). It's just so darn good! I like it so much that I even read all the little notes on the ads that I usually just skip through.

Cameras: My friend and I had this epic conversation about cameras and what we wanted to do if he went into the fashion industry today. It made me really want to research cameras and buy every single kind I can find. This is an Holga (hopefully, you can read, because it's on the picture, just wanted to clarify to those who have issues reading pictures but not reading text), I don't know what it does, but they sell them at Urban Outfitters. I will find out what it does. Eventually.

IFB (International Fashion Bloggers): Yes, I do spend the time I don't spend watching Daria (below) and StumbleUpon on IFB. I love it! It's really cool because a bunch of bloggers are member and they write articles for it and stuff. My blog was just 'approved by an administrator' so now I'm a member! Yippee! I don't know what that means!!! But it's cool anyway!!! Yay!

Tapered Sweatpants: I'm craving a pair, so much! They're comfy because they're sweatpants, and they're cool because they're cool (I'm good at adjectives...) and they're pretty, and they look nice, and they're soft, and they're like harem pants but better, and I could go on. But I won't. WHERE!?!? Can I get a pair of these for cheap?!? (Oh, never mind, I found them at UO for $38... Hmm, I still want to know of other places).

Daria: I found Daria over the weekend, I've only watched three episodes, but I am HOOKED! It's so good, and she is so cool! I think Tavi says it best in her bio on her blog:

"I wish I was Daria but I get too excited about things like candy to be deadpan all the time." -Tavi

I agree. Fully. Watch it! Please! Do it! NOW (the first one is called "Esteemers")!!! It's all about this girl, Daria, who goes so against the flow of highschool, she makes fun of her self and doesn't care about popularity, she thinks everyone is a jerk and her best friend (at least from the three episodes I watched) is Jane, who happens to be an amazing artist.
PS. It doesn't air anymore :( Sadness! You has to watch it online (see links below). Which I do.

Blink 182: (All the Small Things) They're one of the two radio stations I listen to on Pandora. A few of my friends live by them. They are amazing. Anyone want to get me a CD?

urban outfitters
sushi cat
blink 182

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  1. so colorful and fun! i'm going to check out that game now :p