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hey. yesterday i went to my class and now i'm almost done my cape, i forgot to take pictures though. i found a bunch of keys and i'm going to make jewelry out of them, they are all like 15 years old, which is pretty cool. my teen vogue arrived and i was so disappointed to see miley cyrus on the cover AGAIN, she was in the may 2009 issue as well, she looked much better that time. my sister has a bunch of zippers so i took some and i made a shirt, i'm probably gonna wear it tomorrow so you can see it then. today i went to my friends house to help him out with an art thing for his family friends brother, who is paralyzed :(. i made a logo for it. my dad gave me this cool old leather bag and i found all my moms old guitar music in it. my room is a mess from craft work today, i'm way to lazy to clean it up though.

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