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imma be sipping that bubbly

this is a new black sharpie. what is special about it you ask. well in the regular world its a familiar object one uses to write with. but in artist world, it is god and serves the purpose of everything. the sharp tip and the clean black lines mean everything to me and my friend thor, both artist, one being much better than the other (that would be thor being better). i know i sound crazy, but its totally true, ask him.
look, i got a new pair of shoes! they look like guy shoes, i think thats why i like them. they are from DSW, we actually went for my sister but i just couldn't leave without a pair of shoes. all who read this should know that, shoes are amazing.

today's outfit: shirt:urban outfitters, over shirt thing: my mother's closet :D, jean leggings (NOT jeggings i hate when people call it that): random place called temptations. ps. i forgot my shoes down stairs and didn't want to get them.

so i was going to show you my favorite a.m. pieces from the fall show, then i ran into a photoshop problem: I DONT KNOW HOW TO USE IT. so um, yea, i will try to figure it out so i can show you, if not i can show you with boringly formatted pictures, but i am trying my bestest. oh and i went to the thrift store but couldn't find anything :(

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