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hello, i keep completely forgetting to blog! ahh i feel so bad, well then now that that is over with: today i wore my thrift boots, i love em, i want to go back and find more stuff. OR i could attempt to make money and buy from shops.... or not. well anyway i was just looking at and the grammy outfits on it and realized that i can't tell if celebrities know what they are putting on. there are few people who are wearing something breathtaking but a whole bunch of them are just down right ugly. no offense to whoever was in love with them all. so i'm looking through blogs i like and it seems to me that they all find these cool new fashion things but i don't know where to look so ida f, anni, and liisa, if you are reading this please tell me where you find your fashion "news". i lost my camera (shocker....) so i'm using my sisters, i like mine better, and i like my dads even better than that. actually he has four cameras (he calls it his "fleet). one old dslr, one brand new dslrish thingy, a medium old hand held camera with a lens thing that sorta looks like a dslr, and a teeny tiny one. i want the old dslr, he says i can use it buy cant have it, which means i shouldn't take it because i break stuff easily. well buh bye :D

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