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Yesterday I went over to Jenna's house and we got really bored so we went outside and had a failure of a photoshoot! It was dark out and I didn't know how to make my camera work in the dark, but never fear! My first photo class was today so maybe I'll learn to shoot at the awkward time where it's not nighttime and not day time, that's the time I get home.

Ps. These tights are so mesmerizing! You can't see it in the picture but there are sparkles and it looks like staring up into the galaxy and at the starts but there are more stars in a more condensed area. They're amazing. And shiny. It's fantastic.

First Assignment for Class:
Take Three Pictures of 15 Subjects
1 extreme close up
1 close up
1 mid range

Party right?

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  1. I like your photos and your blog is really adorable!