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hate: random, black shirt: thrift, pink shirt: free people, harem pants: from turkey, shoes: blowfish

I'm randomly in love with like bohemian (is that even what I'm wearing? I don't know what these styles are called... I'm not filled in about this stuff) stuff. Baggy, long, not shapeless but not skin tight things. Must take trip to thrift shop to raid the stuff everyone else thinks is ugly! So today was the first day of high school, it's more fun that middle school. Thing I learned? Don't bring my camera, even if I want to take pictures because it adds an extra bag for me to carry. I honestly look like a crazy bag lady waddling around the school piled with my camera bag, my 20lb (yes, I weighed it) bag of class stuff, my racquet bag and my bag full of tennis clothes. AND added onto that people were giving me odd glances and once-overs because of my outfit (which I love but I guess isn't so popular...). I think all of this is quite funny :). I finished my green tea by the way, it was sad when it was done. Now, Sims 3, reading poems and computers project!

Animal-Neon Trees (recommended by one of my readers ages ago)

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