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Today was amazing. I actually understood lit (literature/english) class, did super well in science, won my tennis match and felt AMAZING in my outfit. Only one bad thing in the entire day: found out Justin Bieber's on the cover of Teen Vogue. I don't really like it that much anymore but really? Justin? And for all you fans: I have no doubt that Bieber has amazing talent, I watched him live on SNL but why does a 16 year old boy sing about what he is singing about? I can't stand his music and the lyrics that go with them. Oh and he's not attractive... At all. The USA vest is one of my amazing Goodwill things. Still failing at taking the pics of everything though.... My b. Now: homework :/. Ciao babes!


  1. cute! laddered tights look hot on you.

    mademoiselle xo


  2. you've got such a nice blog! love this usa cardigan/blouse! xo

  3. I love thrifting - the american vest is very cute :]

  4. thanks so much! and yea, thrifting is kind of my life. haha