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I borrowed my daddy's Pentax today, so real pictures! I'm going to a camp for the next two weeks and I'm taking fashion sketching and fashion remix. Sketching was amazing! My teacher/counselour, Vicky, drew the stuff in the first picture and she just graduated from Parson's and she's a freelance designer and she has the best clothes (I'll have to feature her some time). I want to be just like her. Remix is really random, we made headbands??? Yeah, I know... Oof. It's fun though, but I don't actually know what the class is, I guess I'll find out. And feet, they belong to me, this picture could never have been taken on my shitty digital Fugifilm. God bless DSLR.
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  1. 1. whats fashion remix?
    2. ahahah feet...are weird<3

  2. love the headband x