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Stolen DIY

What you’ll need: Lace body (or lace leggings, lace anything really), Safety pins (I used 19mm, brass, Quantity: 140ish), minimum 8m of ribbon, Dressmaking pins
Position and pin a desired shape of ribbon bulk on the lace piece.
Replace with safety pins

Draw out ribbon and measure by touching on all safety pin points, leaving 5 inches at both ends,
Lace it up like you would do with shoes

You won’t need a dressmaking dummy to do this – lay it out flat on your bed and do the pinning. Of course you could pin while wearing it if you like that kind of thing (no judgement) but it might hurt. I’m just saying.

I wouldn’t wash the safety pins – remove them, hand wash the body accordingly, then re-apply!


First thing is first. I'm sorry I lied to you about making an outfit post two days ago, I ended up crapping out at the end of the day and I didn't have energy to make one. On to this post though. First I would like to give total credit to text and pictures and idea to the fabulous Shini from PARKandCUBE. I love her DIYs and this one is absotively positutely my favorite. I. Want. This. would be the bottom line. I'm going to Urban Outfitters over the weekend so if I find a lace bodysuit similar (this one is from Topshop) I'm going to try this out. Hopefully I can find one. And I have news! Bad news though :( On June 12th I will be going away to Greece and Turkey (!!!) for two weeks with my family. The day after I come back I'm going to sleep over camp (with my friend) for four weeks. My point? This will mean no blog for 6 whole weeks!!! I will miss you guys so much! Here's a quick vlog about a tshirt I designed :)

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