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Welcome to picture spam world, where I take too many photos and post so many that Picasa makes it so that I have to do it in four posts. Today was a really crappy day, see the gloomy rainy weather, but instead of make me feel pooey like it usually does I had a really good day. Besides that fact that we didn't get to play my favorite game in lacrosse, oh well. So because of the rainy and cold and yucky weather I had to go to school fully covered or else I would freeze and die. Hence, shirtdress (which by the way I was thinking of because of Chantal of cocorosa's AMAZING outfit yesterday). And oh the Uggs, some of the ugliest shoes in the world but god were they comfortable, and I don't think they looked that bad with the outfit I'm wearing. I got compliments from the most random highschool senior, so I'm hoping that's a good thing. But I want the weather to be warm again so that I can wear my new shoes and skirt and short sleeved shirts and stuff (most of my cold weather stuff doesn't fit anymore). I feel like I have so much more freedom during the warm weather, it just gives more choice in outfits. There I go ranting about stuff again, *sigh*, well anyway, BYE!

Shirt: Theory
Tights: Sweden (the country, yes)
Boots: Ugg
Belt: Mom's closet
Lady Bug necklace: Urban Outfitters
Other Necklaces: Everywhere?

P.S: post, Hype please :D:

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