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granny pearls

i dont really like this dress that much but my sister, naomi, didn't want it anymore and i thought that maybe i could do something with it.

i went to the thrift store today and fot this humongous tshirt, its actually a lot bigger than it looks. i dont know who the picture is but it was $4 (expensive for a thrift store but still cheap) so i said hey why not and its super cool.

this amazing granny pearl necklace is also from my thrift adventures, it was $10 (oh and for this trip to the store my parents thankfully paid, because i am BROKE)

the reason we went to the thrift store was to donate stuff (they didn't take it today because...? i don't know) and this was in my dads pile so i immediately grabbed it before it could go to thrift land

these shorts ($8) are also from thrift today, they are huge on me but i wanted a big pair of shorts so that i could use a belt for the top. they aren't perfect but i like them.

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