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orange duct tape

This belt isn't interesting enough for me.

today: we found orange duct tape. i took out a new dress from mimi. i DIY earrings and a belt, they did not come out quite as well as i had hoped. i had a school filming project but when we got there some of the people didn't show up! so we ended up walking around our campus for about two hours. yesterday and friday was mimi and my ten year friendiversary, i got her a pogo stick she gave me this dress. my mom gave me some of her old belts and i found a bunch of coke bottle caps, i had extra so i made earrings. the earrings have a bunch of hot glue coming of them, i'm trimming that right now. yesterday i went to the flower show with my family, i didn't want to but i wanted to see pretty flowers, it wasn't very good :( and you probably noticed the new layout, i like this one better except that i couldn't get my flag counter to work so i had to delete it and make a new one, it started back from the beginning, darn. stay tuned.....

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