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it's a party in the usa (i don't like that song)

look! i made a backpack :) i used hot glue and extra scraps from destroying t shirts. its the american flag btw. the denim is from my jean vest, its the sleeves. and i was look through my scrap fabric and DIY stuff, my shells and wire have mysteriously disappeared, poo. i was gonna make rings out of them. anyway, sewing class tomorrow, i think i can finish my cape, if i remember i'll bring my camera to the class and show it to you all. i still want to know where everyone finds and knows about new fashion things happening, i'm not really "in the know" in the fashion world. hmph. appartently there was some alexander mcqueen runway thing, the pictures i've seen are really amazing but i've only heard about it from other blogs. i will eventually post pictures of it (maybe... if i remember). oh and those are my feet, just fyi. much love!

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